Forays into the Campus 50: I

Dear Reader,

You may have seen that, yesterday, I challenged Sian Elvin to my recently devised “Campus 50“. Naturally, being the good sport she is, she accepted and, at roughly 10.20pm on the 22nd of May, the challenge began. Her rules stated that our progress must be documented on our blogs, and as such, my forays into the “Campus 50”, including alterations, status of individual tasks and proof, will be documented here.
You may view her progress here. Though there are already a few unofficial participants (people who have taken up the gauntlet with less commitment than I) we remain the only two “official” competitors. If you wish to get involved it would be great to hear from you!

Onto my progress…

In progress or pending Daniel Cope’s approval.

The challenges

  1. Feed the campus wildlife
    Fed the wildlife behind Rootes with Natasha Clark and Matt Davies: Proof
  2. Hand in an essay early
  3. Busk on campus for charity
    For Red Nose Day 2013, Warwick RAG turned the University, specifically the atrium, into a busking zone. Matt Palin and I had a little jam to Maroon 5’s Payphone, after I’d got bored of the dog suit. I was hungover enough that my voice broke whilst singing. Twice.
  4. Kiss someone out of your league
    Let’s just say a gentleman doesn’t kiss and te
  5. 5.     Teach someone something – whether small or large
    During my first term I taught a guy on my corridor how to cook pasta, as he didn’t know how to tell if it was done or how to operate the hob. Rebecca Bennett can verify this.
    If I teach someone something more exciting throughout my time here I’ll replace this.
  6. Study in every library that exists on campus
  7. Make your own booze
  8. Have an incredibly elaborate picnic on a uni green space one lunch time
    I used my 19th birthday on the 9th of June as an excuse to hold an elaborate picnic, with champagne and over 20 attendees, including other competitor Sian Elvin and my brother Henry King who came from Leicester. Photo evidence.
  9. Audit a lecture completely out of your field
  10. 10.   Go to the careers office and speak to them completely honestly – whatever your thoughts and fears, loves and hates…
    The exchange between myself and the university careers department has been documented elsewhere on this blog, and can be found here
  11. Start a conga at a big union night. See how long you can get it, before leading it as far from the music as possible (if you can get it to a house party or another club night, regardless of task completion, you win the challenge)
  12. Take part in a protest
  13. Write for every section of the Boar
    I have currently written for comment (the best section), news (the worst section) and lifestyle.
  14.  If you think a lecture was particularly good, try and instigate a standing ovation
  15.  Give your parents a in depth tour of all the great stuff you do and love at University (It’ll make for an amazing trip for them, and make them feel happy whenever they think of you at uni)
  16. Win a pub quiz
  17. Go on a blind date
  18. Pull a postgraduate
    Let’s just say there are plans in place. Sian knows what I mean. 
  19. Celebrate something by doing the classic shake up a bottle of champagne and spraying it all over yourself and everywhere (or at least do it with sparkling wine..!)
    Harder to do than it sounds: video evidence.
  20. Go inside (and have a little explore of) every building that is part of the university
  21. Become a wise mentor for a Fresher doing your course. Tell them what you wish you’d known
  22. Learn a new sport or instrument or activity that you never thought you would
    I’ve learned how to Latin and Ballroom dance, and competed in beginner competitions, which my facebook is placed with pictures of. As an example, a recent favourite.
    I’ve also learned how to use InDesign, a programme I’d never heard of before uni.
  23. Make a difference to a society
  24. 24.   Get an internship
    Was a community fundraiser intern for the British Red Cross for 10 weeks, starting on the 24th of March 2013. Here’s a picture of the office, but indisputable proof is, shall we say, on it’s way.
  25. Run a society/club circle
  26. Take part in an open mic night
  27. Sing at karaoke
    Sang Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” at the same event you performed, Sian. George Ryan and, likely, yourself can confirm.
  28. Ask someone out who you don’t have a chance with
  29. Forgive yourself for doing a “useless” degree
    Having taken up three jobs (in a hotel, a chip shop and a marketing company) over the summer of my first year of University, as well as having multiple other interviews and being headhunted for the graduate Teach First Scheme via linked in, I’m beginning to think my degree and my university experiences might be worth something after all.
  30. 30.   Go on a RAG Raid
    Not only did I attend London Loot 2013, a 2 day raid in London for Meningitis Research Foundation, I organized a raid for the British Red Cross as part of Red Cross Week 2013, to which Matt Palin wore roller-skates. Picture evidence.
  31. Be involved in a RaW show
    Was invited onto RaW’s news show, Insight, to talk about living “below the line”. I turned up with a nosebleed, standard. Audio clip to come.
  32. Be published in INK magazine
    My poem, “painkillers”, was published in the last issue of my first year at University.
  33. Make a zombie apocalypse plan with your housemates
  34. Take part in an election campaign
  35. Do a student adventure
    I will be cycling to Paris for Practical Action in Summer 2014
  36. Make a friend from a country you haven’t made a friend from before
  37. Watch the superbowl in the atrium
  38. Go to a student cinema event
  39. Win a pub golf event
    I technically won a pub golf event with Latin and Ballroom, but was then disqualified for throwing up in Kelseys. On the toilet cleaner man. Who promptly asked me to leave. So I’m counting this as in progress.
  40. Win a competition representing Warwick
    My regular first year dance partner and I, Emma Kong, won both beginner jive and beginner cha-cha at Keele’s inter-varsity dance comp. I have both the medals and a photo of the line-up to prove it.
  41. Cook for your flatmates
  42. Attend three varsity games, preferably one every year of your degree.
    Attended varsity ice hockey with flatmates in first year.
  43. Learn the names of everyone in your seminars
  44. Doodle something impressive in a lecture
    I drew Becky Hart a lion wishing her a merry Christmas in term 1 of first year, I’m waiting for her to see if she still has it so that it can be verified.
  45. Give a society you’ve pre-judged an honest chance
    They lived up to my pre-judgments and, as such, I shan’t name them.
  46. Be in a WSAF (Warwick Student Arts Festival) performance
    I read two of my poems (“Yet to Be” and “Written in Sparklers”) at Josh Allsopp’s Night of Decadence. Photo evidence here.
  47. Be written about in the Tab.
  48. Get a first on an essay
  49. Work out what I want in both personal and professional lives five years from graduation
  50. Circle at a different university.

Yours in Progress,
Andy King


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