The Campus 50 Challenge

Dear Sian Elvin,
CC: Daniel Cope, Any challenge-hungry student.

[Aside: Dear Reader,
Sian Elvin is a friend of mine from the Warwick student paper, the Boar. Like myself, she prefers the society-first, degree-second approach to university, has some awesome friends here and is always up for a challenge. When I was thinking of someone else to rope into my newly devised challenge, which I will come to later, she was the obvious choice (I mean, come on, she even has a wordpress). However, if you would like to take part yourself, please do so – it’d be awesome if you could let me know in the comments below, but don’t feel obliged!
Andy “I double dare you” King]

A while back I read an article on the independent called “50 things to do before you leave university”, which got me thinking. I want to get the most out of university, am a big fan of both lists and challenges, and could probably combine the ideas of this list with some of my own to make a truly personal campus bucket list.
I started working on the list, wanting exactly 50 tasks, like the initial article, and realized that a lot of the things I want to achieve would be goals of other students too, whether they knew it or not. And whilst having a campus bucket list is cool, setting a public challenge to another and, also, myself, to complete it was cooler.
A week or two ago, I finished the list of tasks, and set about making the rules. I promise that I took into consideration the fact that I had created the list in my setting of rules, and as such, present to you the Campus 50 Challenge. Which, if you accept, I will race you to complete.

The Campus 50 Challenge:

The rules are simple.
One: You may alter up to a maximum of five tasks on the list to create your own personal challenge, but the alterations must be approved by me. This stops you swapping a harder task (such as 16, win a pub quiz, to something much easier like pull an all nighter in the library).
Two: To consider a task “complete”, you must have the completion of the task verified by someone else who would be honest if you were lying. I suggest Daniel Cope to be the mediator of this, he can probably tell when either of us is lying. (Other competitors must provide their own mediator)
Three: To take part in the race, rather than just the challenge, you must inform the other racers that you have completed a task.
[Side note to anyone from anywhere other than Warwick, feel free to fill in your university equivalents].

The tasks have been enclosed below, should you chose to accept them, I wish you luck and I’ll see you in the comments.

Yours from a head start,
Andy King


  1. Feed the campus wildlife
  2. Hand in an essay early
  3. Busk on campus for charity
  4. Kiss someone out of your league
  5. Teach someone something – whether small or large
  6. Study in every library that exists on campus
  7. Make your own booze
  8. Have an incredibly elaborate picnic on a uni green space one lunch time
  9. Audit a lecture completely out of your field
  10. Go to the careers office and speak to them completely honestly – whatever your thoughts and fears, loves and hates…
  11. Start a conga at a big union night. See how long you can get it, before leading it as far from the music as possible (if you can get it to a house party or another club night, regardless of task completion, you win the challenge)
  12. Take part in a protest
  13. Write for every section of the Boar
  14.  If you think a lecture was particularly good, try and instigate a standing ovation
  15.  Give your parents a in depth tour of all the great stuff you do and love at University (It’ll make for an amazing trip for them, and make them feel happy whenever they think of you at uni)
  16. Win a pub quiz
  17. Go on a blind date
  18. Pull a postgraduate
  19. Celebrate something by doing the classic shake up a bottle of champagne and spraying it all over yourself and everywhere (or at least do it with sparkling wine..!)
  20. Go inside (and have a little explore of) every building that is part of the university
  21. Become a wise mentor for a Fresher doing your course. Tell them what you wish you’d known
  22. Learn a new sport or instrument or activity that you never thought you would
  23. Make a difference to a society
  24. Get an internship
  25. Run a society/club circle
  26. Take part in an open mic night
  27. Sing at karaoke
  28. Ask someone out who you don’t have a chance with
  29. Forgive yourself for doing a “useless” degree
  30. Go on a RAG Raid
  31. Be involved in a RaW show
  32. Be published in INK magazine
  33. Make a zombie apocalypse plan with your housemates
  34. Take part in an election campaign
  35. Do a student adventure
  36. Make a friend from a country you haven’t made a friend from before
  37. Watch the superbowl in the atrium
  38. Go to a student cinema event
  39. Win a pub golf event
  40. Win a competition representing Warwick
  41. Cook for your flatmates
  42. Attend three varsity games, preferably one every year of your degree.
  43. Learn the names of everyone in your seminars
  44. Doodle something impressive in a lecture
  45. Give a society you’ve pre-judged an honest chance
  46. Be in a WSAF (Warwick Student Arts Festival) performance
  47. Be written about in the Tab.
  48. Get a first on an essay
  49. Work out what I want in both personal and professional lives five years from graduation
  50. Circle at a different university.

Yours in competition,
Andy King


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